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The Untold Story of Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood's Son, by Jack Matfin Bell

The Untold Story of Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood's Son, by Jack Matfin Bell  The celebrity child Jack Matfin Bell is well-liked. Be...

The Untold Story of Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood's Son, by Jack Matfin Bell

 The celebrity child Jack Matfin Bell is well-liked. Being the only biological child of Hollywood celebrities Jamie Bell and his ex-wife Evan Rachel Wood has made him a household name. His father, English actor Jami, became well-known for his performance in the coming-of-age comedy-drama Billy Elliot.

Evan Matfin, mother of Jack Matfin, is also an American actor and activist. His mother has been a professional since 1994, and she is well-known for her roles in Westworld, Thirteen, Across the Universe, and Whatever Works. Similarly, Evan is well-known for lending her voice to the role of Queen Iduna in the Disney sequel Frozen.

Given that Jack is the son of two prosperous people, it stands to reason that many people are curious to find out if the popular child is following in his parents' successful footsteps. Let's try to find out what his future plans are. His custody has also recently been the subject of some little drama. Who currently has custody of him? Read the story below to learn more about his life!

When Was Jack Matfin Bell Born? His birthday, age, and country are:

He was born in the United States on July 29, 2013. In 2022, Jack will be nine years old. After he was born, his mother took about six months off to care for him and then moved back to work on the set of 10 Things I Hate About Life (2014).

The star kid is an American, and he is white.

Who Are His Parents? His Family Background

The 9-year-old is the only biological kid of actors Jamie Bell and Evan Rachal Wood together, as was previously mentioned. His siblings as well as his parents work in the entertainment sector.

The maternal grandparents of Jack are well-known characters in the entertainment sector. Ira David Wood III, his grandpa, is an American actor, dramatist, director, writer, and vocalist. His grandmother Sara Wood, also known as Sara Lynn Moore, is a producer who lives in Los Angeles.

Regarding his paternal grandparents, Matfin's grandmother Eileen Matfin is a dancer and his grandfather John Bell makes tools and dies. Kathryn Bell is the name of his other aunt.

Are the parents of Jack Matfin Bell still together?

Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood, the parents of the famous child, were married for almost two years. The two people met for the first time at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005.

Sources say that Bell and Wood first met while making the music video Wake Me Up When September Ends for Green Day. When Jack's father found out, they were very much in love. After getting to know each other and going on dates for a while, they broke up in 2006.

The two of them kept dating, and they got back together in the middle of 2011. In a private ceremony on October 30, 2012, Matfin's parents also exchanged wedding rings. When they realized they couldn't stay together any longer, they announced their breakup on May 28, 2014.

History of His Parents' Relationship

When it comes to relationships, Jack's mother hasn't had much luck. Evan Rachel started seeing Marilyn Manson, a rock musician, and actor after she and Bell split up.

They were engaged in 2010 because things were going well between them, but they called it off just 7 months later. The next year, Wood came out as a bisexual member of the LGBTQ community. She was once more engaged to Zach Villa in 2015, but their engagement ended in January 2017.

Moving on to Jamie Bell's relationship, his ex-wife was the lone opponent. On the set of Fantastic Four, Johnny has the good fortune to run across Kate Mara, the love of his life right now. At the conclusion of 2015, they started dating. The Fantastic Four actors wed on July 17, 2017, following their engagement in January 2017. Since that time, the couple and their daughter have been enjoying a happy life.

His Father's Second Wife's Daughter, His Half-Sister

Jack's father has a younger half-sister named Kate Mara during their second marriage. In May 2019, the couple had their first child. It was the mother of the infant who first broke the news. By posting a picture of his daughter's small toes with the caption, she revealed it.

"We just had a kid a few weeks ago... She has these feet.

Who Is Jack Matfin Living With? - Details of His Custody

Jamie and Evan prioritized Jack, and they continued to co-parent him long after their divorce, up until 2017. But since 2020, they have been embroiled in a protracted custody dispute.

According to insiders, Bell claimed that his ex-wife Wood purposefully broke the contract by having their kid move from Los Angeles to Nashville. To Evan's defense, she clarified that she was only acting to shield Jack from her ex-fiancé Marilyn Manson, who she claimed had threatened to sodomize the boy.

Rachel Wood invested thousands of dollars in security measures like installing steel doors, bulletproof glass windows, and a fence around their Los Angeles home in order to defend herself and the child from the abuser.

Then, when she was having a particularly difficult time after naming her abuser, she claimed in court that Bell was not supportive of her quest for justice. Evan's life allegedly changed after the custody dispute was resolved in her favor after she provided the court with documents allegedly containing death threats.

His Parents' Fame

One of the well-known figures in the field Dancer and actor Jamie Bell is from England. He became instantly popular after playing his first role in the movie Billy Elliot. Both the crowd and the critics gave him favorable reviews for his work in the film. The $5 million initiative was a financial success because it made $109.3 globally.

The Adventures of Tintin, Fantastic Four, King Kong, Jumper, Snowpiercer, and Turn: Washington's Spies are just a few of his numerous acting credits.

Evan Rachel, Jack's mother, has worked in the entertainment business for almost three decades. She was able to establish herself thanks to her parts in films like American Gothic, Once and Again, Digging to China, and others.

What Is Jack Matfin Bell's Net Worth?

The celebrity kid, who is the first child of Jamie and Evan, surely leads an opulent existence. Jack's net worth is unknown because he hasn't started working in any line of work.

Bell, age 9, is currently benefiting from his parent's wealth. His father Jamie Bell currently has $11 million in fortune as of 2022. Evan Rachel, his mother, has a whopping $8 million in wealth. Her compensation in Season 3 of Westworld (2016) was $250,000 for each episode, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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