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Pete Doherty Net Worth, Biography Age, Family, wiki, And Life Story

 Pete Doherty Net Worth , Biography Age, Family, wiki, And Life Story $2 Million Category: Richest Celebrities › Rock Stars Net Worth: $2 Mi...

Pete Doherty Net Worth, Biography Age, Family, wiki, And Life Story

 Pete Doherty Net Worth, Biography Age, Family, wiki, And Life Story

$2 Million


Richest Celebrities › Rock Stars

Net Worth:

$2 Million

Date of Birth:

Mar 12, 1979 (44 years old)

Place of Birth:





6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)


Poet, Actor, Writer, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Artist, Visual Artist



What is Pete Doherty's Net Worth?

Pete Doherty is a British singer who can talk to anyone. He is worth $2 million. Pete Doherty is best known as one of the two lead singers of the English rock band the Libertines, which he and Carl Barat started in 1997. Later, he got Babyshambles and Peter Doherty and the Puta Madres started. He also paints, writes poems, and acts. In 2012, he played the lead role in the historical drama movie "Confession of a Child of the Century."

Early Life and Education

Pete Doherty was born in Hexham, Northumberland, England, on March 12, 1979. His father, Peter, was a major in the Royal Signals, and his mother, Jacqueline, was a lance-corporal in the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps. He comes from Ireland, Russia, and France. Doherty and his sisters AmyJo and Emily grew up in different army bases all over Europe. When he was 11 and lived in Dorset, he learned to play the guitar. He went to Queen Mary University of London for a year after he graduated from Nicholas Chamberlaine Comprehensive School.
They were called "The Libertines."
In 1997, Doherty and fellow artist Carl Barat, who lived with him in London, started the rock band the Libertines. Both sang and played guitar in front of the group. The Libertines broke through in 2002 with their first record, "Up the Bracket." But Doherty's drug use soon got in the way of the band's success, and he and the Libertines broke up because of it. He went to jail in 2003 because he broke into Barat's apartment. When Doherty was freed, the two got back together, and the band played at the Tap 'n' Tin bar in Chatham, Kent. Doherty continued to have problems with drug abuse, which led to the Libertines breaking up in late 2004. Six years later, the group got back together to play at different events. They signed a contract with Virgin EMI Records at the end of 2014, and in 2015, they put out the record "Anthems for Doomed Youth." After that, the Libertines went on tour all over Europe.
More bands and groups that work together
In 2003, when his drug problems got him kicked out of the Libertines, Doherty started a new rock band called Babyshambles. He got former Libertine member Steve Bedlow to sing with him. Between 2005 and 2013, the band finally put out three new albums: "Down in Albion," "Shotter's Nation," and "Sequel to the Prequel." Babyshambles also put out a record called "The Blinding EP."

Before the Libertines broke up in 2004, Doherty worked with another musician and artist, Wolfman, on the single "For Lovers." The song got to number seven on the UK Singles Chart and was nominated for an Ivor Novello Award. Doherty started the band Peter Doherty and the Puta Madres in late 2016, which was one of his many musical projects. Drew McConnell, Jack Jones, Miki Beavis, Katia de Vidas, and Rafa will be on the team with him. The band's self-titled first record came out in 2019.
Recordings by Oneself
Doherty's first album as a solo act was called "Grace/Wastelands," and it came out in 2009. It came with the song "Last of the English Roses," which was his first as a solo artist. Doherty's second solo record came out in 2016 and was called "Hamburg Demonstrations."

Other Press

Doherty has worked in a lot of different kinds of media, not just music. In 2007, Orion Books published a book of his poems. He also showed his paintings at London's Bankrobber Gallery and was the model for Roberto Cavalli's ad campaign. Doherty held another show of his works the following year, this time in Paris. His show was criticized for making drug use look cool, and Doherty's use of his own blood in the art made it even more controversial.
Dohery has also played on screen, most notably in the 2012 historical drama "Confession of a Child of the Century." The film stars Doherty and Charlotte Gainsbourg. It is based on the same-named book by Alfred de Musset. It was shown for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard area.

Substance Abuse Problems

Doherty has been addicted to drugs for most of his life and has been caught and jailed many times for drug-related crimes. He has done things like drive while drunk, steals a car, has a coke and heroin on him, and break into a house. Doherty has spent a lot of time in rehab centers over the course of his long battle with his problem. In an interview with NME in 2022, he said he had not used drugs or alcohol since late 2019.

Relationships: From 2005 to 2007, Doherty dated British model Kate Moss. Their relationship was rocky and a lot of people talked about it. After that, he was briefly engaged to model Irina Lăzăreanu, who is from Romania and lives in Canada.

Katia de Vidas, who was also in the band Puta Madres, was Doherty's first wife. They got married in 2021. Doherty has a son named Astile from his time with singer Lisa Moorish and a daughter named Aisling from his time with model Lindi Hingston.

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