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10 Foods You Should Skip After 50 for Better Health

10 Foods You Should Skip After 50 for Better Health Hey everyone, welcome to another video from Healthline Champions. As we get older, it...

10 Foods You Should Skip After 50 for Better Health

Hey everyone, welcome to another video from Healthline Champions. As we get older, it's important to make smarter choices about what we put in our bodies. In this video, I'll be sharing my top 10 foods you'll want to limit after hitting 50. But first, don't forget to smash that like button and hit subscribe so you don't miss any new videos!

Coming in at number 10... fried foods. Now I know what you're thinking - who doesn't love a good chicken tender or french fry? But all that extra grease and oil isn't doing any favors for your heart or waistline as the years go by. Opt for baked, grilled or steamed options instead.

Number 9 is sugar. Whether it's in your coffee, cereal or snacks - too much added sugar is a no-no as we age. Not only does it jack up your calorie intake, but sugar spikes your blood sugar which over time can lead to issues like diabetes. Go for natural sugars from fruit instead.

At number 8 is red meat. Now I'm not saying to cut it out completely, but limit your portions to a palm-sized amount a few times a week. As we get older, red meat is harder to digest and can increase risks for heart disease and cancer if eaten too often. Poultry, fish, beans and lentils make for healthier protein sources.

Coming in at the halfway mark is number 7 - soda. All that liquid sugar and empty calories really isn't doing your body any favors. Make the switch to water or unsweetened tea and coffee instead. Your waistline and teeth will thank you!

Alright folks, we're now at the top 5. Coming in at number 6 is alcohol. Sorry to break it to you folks, but one drink a day for women and two for men is the limit after 50. Too much booze can really mess with your memory, balance and increase cancer risks as we age. Save it for special occasions.

At number 5 is highly processed snack foods like chips, cookies and frozen meals. I know they're convenient but all that sodium, preservatives and artificial ingredients are hard on your body. Reach for homemade popcorn, fruit or nuts instead for a crunch.

Almost to the top 3 now! At number 4 is refined carbs like white bread, pasta and rice. As we get older, these carbs get broken down quickly, spiking your blood sugar. Opt for whole grains like quinoa, brown rice and 100% whole wheat bread to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

And coming in at number 3 is fast food. Sorry to break it to you folks but those value menus aren't doing you any favors as you age. Too much salt, fat and preservatives can really take a toll on your health. Save fast food for an occasional treat and focus on home cooking instead.

Alright, we're now at the top 2. Coming in at number 2 is dairy, but specifically cow's milk. As we produce less of the enzyme lactase as we age, dairy can cause bloating, gas and other digestive issues for many. Opt for lactose-free milk or dairy alternatives like almond or oat milk instead.

And finally, coming in at number 1 is... processed meats! Things like bacon, sausage, hot dogs and deli meats have been linked to cancer risks. Not worth the risk as we get older my friends. Stick to fresh cuts of meat and save the processed stuff for special occasions only.

Well there you have it folks - the top 10 foods to limit after hitting 50. Remember, everything in moderation is key to healthy aging. Be sure to like and subscribe for more healthy eating tips. Until next time, this is Health Coach Bob signing off!

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